Four Liverpool Musicians by Ari Benjamin Meyers

Installation  |  Four Liverpool Musicians by Ari Benjamin Meyers  |  Liverpool Biennial

Ari Benjamin Meyers

Four Liverpool Musicians (Bette, Budgie, Ken, Louisa), 2018

Three channel video, colour, sound, 52 minutes 10 seconds, four original scores framed.

With: Bette Bright, Ken Owen, Louisa Roach, Budgie

Producer - Andrew Ellis
Collaborating Filmmaker - Mark Thomas
Edit - Ari Benjamin Meyers and Mark Thomas
Camera - Percy Dean (DoP), Mark Thomas, Stefanos Aktipis and Paddy Gomorlski
Video Production - Sarah Palmer, Maretha Ilves, Jake Burnell and Lynn Maria Anders
Lighting - Kev Eley, Chris Sarginson
Sound Recording - Chris Taylor and Jay Leahey
Sound Mix - Chris Taylor at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
Musician Support - David Kelly, Jim Farey and Mersey Wiley
Theatre Technical Support - Andy Webster and Xenia Bayer
Music Engraving: Max Schreier
Studio Ari Benjamin Meyers: Anja Lindner, Max Schreier

Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial

Supported by Liverpool City Council’s Festival Enhancement Fund, Esther Schipper, Berlin, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, and Natal Drums

Ari Benjamin Meyers has created four musical compositions that form the basis for a series of portraits of musicians with strong ties to the city: they are Bette Bright (Deaf School), Budgie (Siouxsie and the Banshees), Ken Owen (Carcass) and Louisa Roach (She Drew The Gun). The portraits reveal Liverpool’s musical history, represent its musical movements and relate back to the city’s industrial past.

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