In Production | Shapes of Water, Sounds of Hope | Suzanne Lacy
Posted on  27th February, 2017

Working with artist Suzanne Lacy to devise and plot a way to capture a series of mass-participation performances staged within a disused mill. Filmed in Brierfield, Lancashire, the piece drew on the collective effort of the local community to create a mesmeric mass performance, exploring the history of the area and the different vocal traditions. Currently in production, the final film will be showcased later this year as a multi-channel installation, location TBC.

Posted on  31st October, 2011

Soup Collective's third and final film for the current run of shorts showing at the Imperial War Museum North is now running. Please pop down if you get chance - if you time it right you can see all three films within a few hours, perfect way to spend an October afternoon.. Current timetable runs as:

11am - Remembrance
12pm - War at Home
1pm - Service and Separation
1.30pm - Remembrance
2pm - Children and War
3pm - Weapons and War
4pm - Al Mutannabi Street
4.30pm - Remembrance

IWM North Service and Separation
Posted on  1st August, 2011

After a bit of a mission tackling the ups and downs of shooting and editing a film across twenty-odd screens, the second instalment from Soup Collective's ongoing work with the Imperial War Museum North is now live. Done in collaboration with English and Co. the film follows the correspondence between Claire Davies-Griffith, a Major in the TA, and her family, during the time she spent as a nurse in Afghanistan. Set to a soundtrack kindly provided by PJ Harvey, the film focuses on the different narratives within the family, using the multi-screen setup to offer varied viewpoints.

The show runs at 1.30pm and 4.00pm everyday in the museum's main space, with Soup's first film, 'Al-Mutanabbi St - A Reaction', playing at 1.00pm and 4.30pm. Should you happen down the Quays way, then do pop in!