Making Real Life (angel)

Posted on 15th July, 2014

Two days in Snowdonia, a little bit of rain and a new-found love of outdoor swimming thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of Vivienne Rickman-Poole. Continuing the documentary thread developed over the campaign for Elbow's sixth studio album, The Take Off and Landing of Everything, it was Vivienne's underwater documenting that sparked the idea to create this short portrait. Viv's take on being in and around the water proved such a strong inspiration for the piece, as well as drawing on her skills as a photographer to film some of the underwater scenes.

Shooting was a joy - our DoP, Percy went above and beyond the call of duty, stripping down to his smalls for some impromptu shots, and even trekking Snowdon for the sake of some lush landscapes. The hope is, while we can't recreate the feeling of being in that setting, we've hinted at what it's like in that world, and maybe even tempted a few people to give it a go.

Cheers, Mark

Client: Polydor / Commissioner: Emily Tedrake / Director / Editor: Mark Thomas / Producers : Tim Mullett and Alison Surtees / DoP : Percy Dean / Additional Camera: Vivienne Rickman-Poole / Lighting: Chris Sarginson / DiT/Assist : Sean Lomax / Edit Assist: Gwen Osmond / Colourist: Alex Hindle / Thanks to Surflines, Llanberis

Soup Collective residency at National Football Museum

Posted on 4th October, 2013

If you have an object with a story, help us to record its part in football history.

As the Football League celebrates its 125th year, Soup Collective are exploring the idea that objects have their own tales to tell, developing a picture of the League from the perspective of the objects and the people who encountered them.

Soup Collective will be resident in the museum from the 9th to the 16th October, 3D scanning and printing objects from the museum’s collection. Most excitingly, visitors to the museum are invited to bring their own objects which will be documented in the same way, helping to blur the line between artefacts and personal memorabilia. Delving into the imaginary, we will work with participants to create a film based on their memories of the object.

The results will be presented in a six month exhibition at the museum, in which visitors will be able to select an object, automatically triggering its accompanying film in this miniature, Personal Museum.

Soup Archives #01 Switching Off by Elbow

Posted on 4th July, 2013

The first in a series of infrequent films trawling through the Soup archives. This comes from back in 2003, around the time of developing ideas for Elbow's second album Cast of thousands.

Beginning life as a sketch around an instrumental piece from Craig and shot on state of the art mini-DV while on hols in Norfolk, this film became the visual accompaniment for a lot of memorable live performances during Elbow's Cast of Thousands tour. Running in sync with the live performance via the high-tech method of a quivering finger awaiting the first beat, this film went on to become a staple for a lot of live shows to follow, including the somewhat special Wembley show from a couple of years back, proudly watching on both band and backdrop in such a super-sized setting.


Soup Co Spring Update

Posted on 14th May, 2013

It's been a busy spring with Jim building an audio-visual lift installation for The Shard and Mark directing the latest Editors video alongside designing video for some new theatre projects. Annie's been animating for the likes of The Almeida Theatre, whilst Alex has been working flat out across the board as well as finding the time to have a baby, congratulations Alex!
Mat's just returned from an unforgettable week in Syria where he was working with charity Syria Relief, to document their aid work.

Heading into the summer, we're looking forward to developing a few upcoming music and museum projects alongside re-grouping to think on our next Soup Collective venture.

Click here to see a selection of recent work

Syria Relief - Mat Norman gives an overview of his time spent filming in Syria.

Posted on 14th May, 2013

I've been working with charity Syria Relief for nearly a year now, and in April/May I was privileged to be asked to visit conflict-torn Syria myself. I didn't really know how to prepare myself (a long phone-call with artist David Cotterell helped), and had little idea of what I might see.

In my 10 days filming in Syria I witnessed mankind's beauty and ugliness in the same moment. I saw bombs dropped on villages and towns causing the destruction of places of worship and community strongholds (such as bakeries and water systems), families torn apart - losing their homes and/or loved ones. I witnessed the chaotic atmosphere of refugee camps and saw thousands of internally displaced people making the best of their fractured lives.

I also met the loveliest people I am ever likely to meet, experienced unsurpassed hospitality in desperate situations and saw some stunningly beautiful countryside.

The team I was working with are the most forward thinking and productive group of people I think I've ever worked with.

Overall it was an extreme and unforgettable experience.

Rats' Tales begins at The Royal Exchange

Posted on 19th December, 2012

We've been lucky enough to be involved in the production of Rats' Tales, a new play written for The Royal Exchange. Producing visuals to support the live action, we helped to bring out the darker side of some classic fairy tales, adapted by Carol Ann Duffy. The play runs until the 12th of January.

See the Guardian's five star review;

Delphic Album Trailer

Posted on 6th November, 2012

Our Delphic album trailer is now live. It's our second outing using the kinect 3D sensor as a camera device, the first time using the incredible RGBD Toolkit, kindly shown to us by James George.

Done as a bit of a Soup Collective offshoot, it's one of what will hopefully a few projects with film and code we'll be pushing under the Leicina Film Unit moniker. Follow the link below for full credits and details.

Elbow release B-sides album, Dead in the Boot

Posted on 24th September, 2012

A photograph Mark took when touring with the band many moons ago, is now the sleeve for their new album, Dead in the Boot.

Portrait of an Athlete screened at WE PLAY Expo

Posted on 24th September, 2012

Portrait of an Athlete gets a screening at Preston's weekend festival to celebrate the North-West's role in the Cultural Olympiad. The film follows the Vanuatu Vollyball team as they acclimatise to their new training grounds in sunny Crewe...

Blackpool wins 3 million for arts and culture

Posted on 24th September, 2012

A short film made by SoupCo, in support of Blackpool's funding application, proved an invaluable tool in their bid. Having spent a fair bit of time in Blackpool in Research and Development with Blackpool Council, we're looking forward to seeing the effects the funding will have on the local arts community.