Syria Relief - Mat Norman gives an overview of his time spent filming in Syria.

I've been working with charity Syria Relief for nearly a year now, and in April/May I was privileged to be asked to visit conflict-torn Syria myself. I didn't really know how to prepare myself (a long phone-call with artist David Cotterell helped), and had little idea of what I might see.

In my 10 days filming in Syria I witnessed mankind's beauty and ugliness in the same moment. I saw bombs dropped on villages and towns causing the destruction of places of worship and community strongholds (such as bakeries and water systems), families torn apart - losing their homes and/or loved ones. I witnessed the chaotic atmosphere of refugee camps and saw thousands of internally displaced people making the best of their fractured lives.

I also met the loveliest people I am ever likely to meet, experienced unsurpassed hospitality in desperate situations and saw some stunningly beautiful countryside.

The team I was working with are the most forward thinking and productive group of people I think I've ever worked with.

Overall it was an extreme and unforgettable experience.